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Premier (adj) – first in position, rank, or importance; first in time

plumber in Granite Bay tightens copper pipes

We chose our name for a very specific reason. At Premier Plumbing and Rooter we settle for nothing but the top performance from our employees. We strive to be the fastest, best, most reliable plumber in the Granite bay area.


You Make The Call. We Do The Rest


When you make the first call to Premier Plumbing and Rooter, rest assured that you will receive rapid response, thorough service, and fair pricing. Our selection of services includes water heater installation, trenchless sewer repair, and full repiping services and much more.


The Premier Team proudly covers Granite Bay, Folsom, Roseville, and the Sacramento area.


Our professionals come with a wide background of skills and experience to provide tailored services for all of our customers. We have specialty sewer teams and water heater teams on call 24 hours a day. Let the Premier team handle the plumbing and rooting for your home and business, and you’ll see what Premier quality is all about. We offer quick response, convenient scheduling, maintenance, inspection, and repair services.

We Pride Ourselves on:

1. Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the number one goal here at Premier Plumbing. We believe that through fast response and excellent quality of work, we can ensure happy customers. It’s really that simple. We do our best to provide each and every customer with the tailored and prompt service that has built our reputation. If you’re existing plumber isn’t treating you with the service you deserve, make a call to the professionals at Premier Plumbing to see what you’ve been missing.

2. Fast Service

A big part of top quality customer service is offering prompt appointment scheduling and emergency response. We know that big repairs present themselves in an urgent fashion, and that’s why we offer emergency response. We can locate the source of the problem to quickly mitigate the collateral damage. You are our first priority, and our prompt, reliable service proves it.

3. Quality You Can Rely On

True quality begins with quality parts. From fixtures to tankless water heaters, we’ve got a handle on the best parts for every job. You won’t see us shopping at the local big box retail stores. We get all of our appliances and replacement parts directly from the manufacturer. That doesn’t mean it’s always going to cost you a bundle to fix your plumbing. In fact, No matter what your budget, we’ll make sure that only the best goes into your home or business.

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Call The Plumbers Who Have Seen It All

Toilet clogged? We won’t judge. We know that kids can flush some pretty crazy things. Have you ever seen a rubber duck flushed down a toilet? We have. How about a hundred year old willow tree mangling a sewer line? We’ve handled that too. No matter what’s going on with your plumbing and sewer system we’ve handled worse. We’ve got the skills and personnel at Premier Plumbing to take care of everything from garbage disposal clogs to full home repiping services.

rubber duck recovered from toilet drain