Carbon Monoxide Poison Found In Local Home

25 Feb Carbon Monoxide Poison Found In Local Home

Last week our techs responded to a customer who had a water heater that had stopped when he also complained about having a furnace that just didn’t seem to be working right. As part of our protocol, whenever we do maintenance on a furnace we do a standard carbon monoxide check. And it’s a good thing that we do. The carbon monoxide levels in the home were well above normal. We tracked the problem back to a clogged exhaust line that was used by both the furnace and water heater.

Most of the time a clogged line will cause the water heater or furnace to stop working. In this case, however, the furnace continued to work because plastic components in the line melted and allowed flue gases to vent into the house. This was the source of the carbon monoxide. Had the water heater not failed and the leakage continued, the family could have been in danger of carbon monoxide poisoning or even death.

This particular client didn’t have carbon monoxide detectors in the house. Something that we pointed out and remedied immediately. We suggest that a carbon monoxide detector be placed on every level of the home so if there is a build-up you will know about it immediately. An alarm will go off long before there is a toxic build-up in the area. This is important because you can’t count on the symptoms of CO poisoning to be enough for you to recognize.

Every year carbon monoxide kills hundreds of people. Don’t put yourself or your family at risk. There is no better time than now to have your furnace checked by a plumbing professional. Premier Plumbing & Rooter provides a full line of service for your furnace, boiler or water heater.

Call us today to schedule a preventative maintenance service that will give you peace of mind and keep your family safe from this potential silent killer.

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