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Premier Plumbing is proud to be the residential and commercial choice for plumbing in Folsom. We offer ultra-efficient service, quality workmanship, and top of the line equipment for every job. That translates to faster work times for us and lower costs for you!

Our Folsom plumbers do everything from gas line installation and repair to full repipe service. We have years of hands on plumbing experience and have seen almost everything that you can imagine. If we run across something we haven’t seen before, we have a huge support network that allows us to reach out to other experts to get a solution. You won’t get a hackneyed solution from us. Every repair will be done with artisan perfection.

When we come in to do a repair, you’ll be treated with the utmost respect. This is something that we’ve seen lacking in some other industries. We won’t let it happen with us. You are the most important part of our Folsom business.

When you call our fully licensed and insured plumbers, you’ll get a team of highly trained individuals that are working with your best interests in mind. We won’t make a short term repair on a long term problem. We also won’t try to upsell you to something you don’t need. We are in business to make your life better and easier, not to skim a few extra bucks out of every service.

When you call Premier Plumber and Rooter, you’re getting the best that Folsom has to offer. We won’t settle with just fixing the problem, we’ll figure out what caused it and keep it from happening again. That’s the difference between a decent plumber and a premier one.

Plumber in Folsom CA tightens copper pipes with a crescent wrench

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Our Specialties

Repairing a water heater in Folsom

Water Heater Replacement

If your water heater has its best days behind it, we are proud to offer a high quality replacement. Take advantage of the efficiency that new a new water heater will provide. ┬áSave energy, get the performance you need, and enjoy a longer product service life and pay less on your utility bill every month! And as a bonus, we’ll haul away your old unit at no cost to you. Don’t worry about hauling it yourself or calling the garbage service and getting one of those oversized (and overpriced) specialty pick-up stickers.

Drain Cleaning

Clogs happen. It’s just a sad fact of life. The problem is that where a clog happens is just as important as what the clog is. Every clog requires a different approach. When a plunger and hot water isn’t doing the trick, turn to the Premier team to take control of your sticky situation. We’ve got specialized hydrojetting equipment and power augers to handle every drain and every clog in Folsom!

Drain cleaned by one of our plumbing contractors