Professional Rocklin Plumbing Services

Our Rocklin plumbing shop is your one stop shop for all things plumbing. We handle everything from minor leak repairs to full bathroom and kitchen remodeling. Our contractors are some of the most experienced in the business and have been working in Rocklin and the surrounding area for the past decade. Don’t trust your plumbing to a handyman, only a licensed pro is going to be able to give you the craftsman level workmanship that you deserve.

Water Heaters

The pros at our Rocklin water heater repair team are your number one choice when it comes to all of the major bands. We service Rheem, Bradford White, American, Ruud, GE, Rinnai, Takagi and more. Call us for everything from routine checkups to full water heater replacement service. We do sacrificial anodes and unit flushes as well. If you aren’t getting the hot water that you need from your current system, we can help you evaluate it and come up with a cost effective solution.

Gregg one of our Rocklin water heater repair techs is tightening the line

finishing a garbage disposal repair in Rocklin

Garbage Disposals

When we first started doing plumbing in Rocklin we were amazed at the number of garbage disposal calls we received. We have seen everything that can possibly go wrong with a garbage disposal from disconnected fly wheels to severely damaged blades. If your garbage disposal isn’t chewing through your waste like a knife through butter, give us a call and see what we can do for you.


Whether you have a small drip in one of your faucets or a huge leak from under your bathroom tub, we can fix it and do it fast. A single leak could cost you hundreds of dollars a month if it is not taken care of. Toilet leaks are the worst. Our leak detection team can also help you find slab leaks and other leaks that may be costing you money in your home.

this faucet had a leak that our plumbing fixed right away

Get the Service You Need

having a new low flow fixture will help you save on water and money

Low Flow Options

In addition to handling all of the standard plumbing problems that you may have, our Rocklin plumbers are able to help you save money by switching your current fixtures to low flow units. We have low flow shower heads and faucet aerators that can go in really cheap and cut your costs considerably. Low flow toilets are a bit more expensive but they do save you the most money in the long run. One call to us and we can walk you through all of the potential saving spots in your home.