Water Heaters

Water Heater Repair & Installation

The professionals at Premier Plumbing and Rooter are water heater repair & installation specialists. The biggest problem that we see in our everyday work is that water heaters get ignored until something catastrophic happens. Unfortunately, water heaters are very good at providing hot water until they aren’t. When they do finally fail, it’s usually due to an unfixable issue like a rusted tank.

plumber performing a water heater repair in Granite Bay

Water Heater Life Expectancy

Conventional storage style water heaters have a life expectancy of about 10 to 12 years. With yearly maintenance, this can be extended to 20 years or more. Premier Plumbing and Rooter can set you up with an annual water heater repair and inspection that will keep your water heater running in tip top shape for the foreseeable future. We check all inlets and valves for signs of corrosion, make sure the electoral connections are secure, check the sacrificial anode for replacement, do a sediment flush and test the thermostat for potential problems.

What We Service

We service all major brands including State, AOSmith, American Standard, Rheem, Bosch, Bradford White, Marathon and more.

If your current water heater isn’t meeting your current water heating needs, we can help you pick out a new one that will. Our water heater installation team handles both conventional and tankless water heaters and we’ll even remove your old water heater at no cost to you.

Servicing a 40 gallon water heater in Sacramento

Rinnai tankless water heater ready for installation in Sacramento

Tankless Water Heaters

If you haven’t heard about tankless water heaters, you don’t know what you’re missing. Tankless, or on-demand, water heaters only heat your water when you need it. That means there is no huge storage tank to worry about and no wasted energy keeping water warm when you don’t need to.

A tankless system can deliver non-stop hot water for as long as necessary, where-as the storage style heater can only supply hot water to a certain limit. Premier Plumbing and Rooter water heater installation handles both types of water heater, but prefer the tankless varieties by Rinnai. They deliver consistent hot water at a cheaper price than traditional heaters. They also are expected to last 20 to 25 years (more with a yearly de-scaling service).

Do I Need More Than One Tankless Water Heater?

Perhaps the biggest limitation that you may see with a tankless system is the need for multiple units if you have a large family or tend to use several hot water appliances at once. Call one of our tankless water heater specialists today and discuss how a tankless system could save you hundreds of dollars in utility costs every year.

additional tankless water heater

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